Hello Visitors and welcome to my various passions. I am a self taught designer, flame worker, acrylic artist, and general all-around crafter. I live in PA with my husband and our extensive reptile collection. We like to spend weekends field herping and I spend my evenings making whatever comes to mind.

I’ve been a crafter since I was a Girl Scout living in the San Fernando Valley in CA. My mother taught me a love of crafting and I have tried a little of everything since. I’ve taken pottery, stained/leaded glass, macrame, knitting/crocheting, sewing – including how to make quilts, and even taught a few craft classes myself over the years. I love what I do and I hope that love comes through in everything I sell.

I keep my prices as low and competitive as possible. I don’t charge extra for shipping – the charges you see are directly from the USPS website and are calculated directly from the package weight and dimensions. My items are created with the best materials available. My philosophy is these are works of love to be enjoyed throughout the years and handed down as timeless heirlooms for future generations.

All the glass beads on this site are properly kiln annealed for years of use and enjoyment. They are made from a variety of soft glass including Moretti/Effetre, Vetrofond, Caliente, ASK, Lauscha, Gaffer, Kugler, Reichenbach, R4, DH, and CIM.

All the items I’m offering for sale have been made by me personally unless otherwise noted, and are copyrighted and protected by various national and international Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Laws. They’re yours to do with as you wish, except copy them or have them copied elsewhere, or misrepresent them as being made by you when/if you resell them.