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I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Hello Visitors and welcome to my passion. I am a self taught jewelry designer and flame worker. I share my home with my wonderful teenage son and our reptile collection. We like to spend weekends field herping and I spend my evenings designing jewelry and making beads at my torch. I have several creative outlets including designing websites, but my passion is reptiles and beads. 

After taking the graduate course for colored stones offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the company that certifies the majority of the diamonds on the market, I began selling my own jewelry designs when a friend complimented me on a necklace I made for myself. She said I should consider selling what I make and asked if I would design something for her. Well, I did, and the rest is history. I've been designing ever since. My jewelry designs have been showcased in bead and craft magazines and sold in such top venues as Nordstrom's as well as many small exclusive high-end boutique stores. There is an exquisite thrill in designing something beautiful and knowing that someone, somewhere is wearing it. I am forever grateful to the people who are willing to spend their hard-earned money on one of my designs. I consider this the ultimate compliment.

All the glass art items I’m offering for sale have been made by me personally unless otherwise noted, and are copyrighted and protected by various national and international Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Laws. They’re yours to do with as you wish, except copy them or have them copied elsewhere, or misrepresent them as being made by you when/if you resell them. They are properly kiln annealed for years of use and enjoyment. They are made from a variety of soft glass including Moretti/Effetre, Vetrofond, Caliente, ASK, Lauscha, Gaffer, Kugler, Reichenbach, R4, DH, CIM .

This is my leaf tail gecko - Uroplatus Phantasicus. Look at that incredible camouflage!
This is my Australian Northern blue tongue skink.
This handsome boy is Caramel our Corn snake. Corn snakes are often recommended as a first snake because of the ease of keeping them. They're friendly, curious, and their needs are few. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and don't get overly large. They are escape artists (most snakes are!) and he's roamed the house more than once. There's nothing like opening a closet only to find a snake staring at you! Caramel is very friendly and loves to come out in the evening to visit. He will try to get my attention by 'waving.' He climbs the side of his enclosure and waves back and forth until I notice him and take him out - smart snake!
Here's Google our veiled chameleon. He's quite a character. He really can change his colors according to his mood and the surroundings. It's fun to watch him catch prey with his long sticky tongue. He's a rescue that came to me with such a bad case of MBD (metabolic bone disease) that I wasn't sure he would make it. He ended up losing a portion of his casque but other than that he's doing great!
This pretty girl is the very popular Ball Python. They're very gentle and beautiful snakes and make great pets IF you take the time to learn about what they need to keep them happy and healthy. She won't grow much beyond 4-5 feet and could live 30 years! Her incredible colors and patterns have inspired many beads.
This is a newborn CA King snake. She spends a great deal of time trying to escape her enclosure. She's succeeded twice! King snakes are so-called because they eat other snakes including rattlers! They're immune to the venom.
Here's our latest family member "Teeny." He's a pygmy bearded chameleon and is only 3/4 of an inch long. He won't get much bigger than he is right now. The real trick is trying to find him in his cage. He blends into the foliage so well and he's so small that it's almost impossible to see him! In this photo he's climbing onto my pinkie finger.
This is the largest member of my reptile collection. His name is Big Brat and he's a savannah monitor. His name used to be Lil' Brat but that was when he was 7 inches from snout tip to tail tip. He'll eventually reach 4 to 4.5 feet in length! He may look ferocious but he's really mild mannered. And he's house trained! He bang's on the lid of his cage when it's time to go out. He loves sitting on my lap being stroked like a cat.
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